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Hidehiko Ochiai

Popularly known as Hidy, is one of the world's foremost martial arts instructors and according to many people from the 'Land of the Rising Sun', he is Japan's answer to China's Bruce Lee. Hidy Ochiai is also popular for all the books that he has written over the years and the movies he has appeared in, which made him a household figure in his heyday.
Hidehiko Ochiai was born on the 27th of September 1939 in Japan and from his childhood he was very passionate about martial arts and used to spend hours on the lawn or in the garage, practicing and perfecting his moves and this is how he originally attracted attention which caused people to begin to take him seriously.

Of course, by then, everyone was aware of his amazing talents. Hidy always tried to come up with new techniques. He never wanted to be tied down to just one form of martial arts, and as a result he began to innovate and this innovation led him to establish the now hugely famous Karate style of Washin-Ryu.

Hidy made his mark in the United States of America by winning the United States Grand National Karate Championship for five years in a row which made the people of the country stand up and take notice of the youngster from the Far East who just about annihilated his opponents. This led him to being offered several movie roles in Hollywood as well as back home in Japan but he had already begun to concentrate on writing self defense books for the citizens of the world.

One of his most famous and earliest books, 'The Essence of Self Defense' gained huge popularity in the United States and turned Hidy into an icon for the masses, just like another man from the Far East, a few years before him, Bruce Lee.

It was, ironically, with Bruce Lee that Hidy Ochiai made his full movie debut as they starred together in the cult classic film, 'Enter the Dragon'. Before that, he had acted in a television series known as 'Kung Fu' and the movie 'Fist of Fury'. He went on to star in a few more movies, but it was as an author and martial arts exponent that he gained more fame. He has been inducted into the Hall of Fame of Black Belt Magazine, and that too, twice, a feat that has been unparalleled ever since.

There is plenty of information out there on this legend and this site is dedicated to gathering all that information and putting it into perspective so that any one of Hidy's large number of fan base can get any information about their idol. Our site also contains information about the books that he has written and the movies that bear his name, so that anyone can use them for reference in research or any work that they might be doing.